Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Equipped but Inadequate

I am special. I know I am! And if I don't feel I currently am, I'll make myself special! I'll go to school. Get the best grades. If I can't get the best grades I'll work hard elsewhere and get the best job. I'll get that job that people admire; the one that demands respect. I'll make money; plenty of money. Money will buy me the respect. And for now, I'll adorn myself with the nicest cloths. I'll be trendy and attractive. Besides, it makes me feel good. My Facebook profile will show me at my best. The way I want people to see me: popular, smart, deep, spiritual, motley! I'll find a spouse who fits the mold better than you could draw up. Beauty beneath their brains - they'll lift me up all the more. A pristine family that projects "perfect normalcy". And finally I'll drape my weakness with the cloak of personality! I'll impress, woo, captivate, and entertain. I'll "inspire", perplex and even lead. I'll command your attention and that of neighbors, friends, clergy, employers and employees, the strong, the wealthy, the poor, the weak and even the innocent bystander!
Yes! I am special or at least I will make myself special. You'll see........
"Be still and know" Ps 110. Take a moment. Be at ease child. Release yourself. Vindicate yourself from the loathsome fear of inadequacy. You are special! You are! You are special and I have seen it! But....not because of what you've done or can do. No it's because of what He's done. You are special because you are God's child. Wait! Don't go! Don't lose focus! "God's"!! Think for just a moment of who we're talking about! God: the thing that “made” everything! The creator, the only being not constrained by time, not only the all-powerful but Power itself! Not the king of a country, or a continent, not even the earth but the King of everything. Yes, you are indeed special. Very special. Because you are the son of that Creator. That Power. That King
You were reborn and dipped into His Spirit and it filled you. You eat His Body and drink His Blood. There is now a Light that lives in you. Let that light so shine before man! No! Don't cloth your weakness. Don't adorn your body. Don't try and "make" and "create" yourself! “For [I] created your inmost being. [I] you knit me in my mothers womb” Ps 139:13. Anything you do will only cover that Light! And slowly with more and more concealers the light will be smothered! Yes, you will still be God's child...but no one will know it. You will cease to be, special. 
Instead, rip off anything that may disguise your connection to the King. Face your fear of going out and being naked and without "worldly" covers. Allow, for once, yourself to be you. The "you" that He created - that He knit. For that realness and truth is better than anything you can make yourself into. For when you are most truly you, you will realize that you are not naked but instead well equipped. Well equipped for that task at hand.

2 Corinthians 3: 4-6

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